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Apron Feeders

Apron Feeders

Apron feeders is a reliable solution for extracting or feeding wet, sticky, dry or even frozen ore.

The diversity of apron feeder can be found in the whole mineral processing industry, and can be widely used in coal, cement, mining and other industries, with the advantages of stable equipment operation, simple operation, high efficiency and so on.



1.Apron feeders can handle larger sizes of materials than other types of feeder.
2.Apron feeders can withstand extreme impact loads beyond the capacity of other types of feeders.
3.Traction chain and load chain are separated, so the dynamic load is small to achieve exteneding life.
4.Apron feeder can convey many types of wet or dry materials, such as various sizes and shapes of minerals, aggregates, cycles and so on.
5.Compared with other types of feeder, apron feeder has a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
6.Large capacity, Reliable structure, smooth running, impact resistance, easy to maintain, low cost spare parts.

Apron feeders detail

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Apron feeders no load test:

apron feeder

Apron feeders can used for coal,Iron ore,copper ore,gold ore,Iron pellets,other types of ores,HBI briquettes,nickel,potash,limestone,clay,lime,natural and FGD gypsum,petcoke,aggregates

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