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What Are The Advantages Of The New Banana Screen


We offer a new double-layer banana screen to address the shortcomings of the existing technology. It is mainly used for coal grading, desliming, dehydration and demedia, and also suitable for screening and grading of other minerals. The invention applies the principle of equal-thickness screening and linear vibration theory to optimize the design, amplitude, frequency, excitation force and other vibration parameters are reasonably set according to the screening process requirements and scientific test results, just right, avoiding the inherent frequency of the screen body at all levels, reducing the negative impact of resonance force on all parts of the screen body, improving the performance of the screen machine and extending its fatigue life. The side gang, beam, crossbeam and all parts of the structure have high rigidity, high strength, reasonable and balanced force distribution, and large safety factor.

The banana screen structure design of excitation beam and cross beam is unique, and all the main welds are fused through, with first-class UT flaw inspection, heat treatment to completely eliminate welding stress, and precision processing through large CNC machining center. The box type exciter, which is professionally designed and manufactured by fine process, is installed on the exciter beam and connected with the driving mechanism through rubber disk coupling and spline drive shaft to reliably and smoothly transfer the power and linear vibration force to the screen body. The surface of the beam is coated with high standard wear-resistant and anti-corrosion grease, which protects the beam from abrasion more effectively. The side plate has reasonable and beautiful reinforcement, small stress factor, high stiffness and novel appearance.

Our production is multi-dip multi-stage double-layer screen surface equal thickness linear vibrating screen machine, including 4~7 Angle broken line screen surface dozens of specifications. has the following characteristics: simple structure and compact design life of up to 8 years, while the general life of domestic vibrating screen less than 5 years. Light weight is more than 20% lighter than the best domestic banana screen of the same specification. Power consumption is less than the best domestic banana screen of the same specification is more than 20% smaller. Screening efficiency is more than 95%, material handling capacity is 1.5~2 times of ordinary linear screen; screen surface area from 3m2 to 40m specifications, screen type variety, can fully meet the screening process requirements of different feed characteristics and different handling capacity.

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