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Banana Screen

Banana Screen

Banana screen has higher throughput than the same horizontal screen. Banana screens produce high material movement speed at the upper deck slope, thereby minimizing the bed depth produced at the feed end of the screen. This facilitates the passage of materials through the bed.

Banana screens can be divided into single-layer or double-layer structures, and the number and angle of deck slopes can be designed according to specific process requirements.

The banana screen uses the latest technology of multi-angle machines, which can achieve special throughput in a relatively small screening area. The screen deck includes many different screen angles, various deck types and apertures to meet special process requirements. The banana screen is sometimes called a multi-angle screen or a multi-bevel screen. The banana screen design will accept most types of deck systems, including polyurethane, perforated steel plate and wedge wire.



1.Banana screen has single layer or double layer structure, which is convenient for customers to choose.
2.Banana screen are equipped with various wear-resistant gaskets, which are suitable for spare parts that are easy to wear and corrode.
3. The use of advanced and mature design methods and construction concepts, so that the screen has Long service life. Has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. These measures ensure the ultra-long service life of the screen.
4.High “G” force and high open area panels are particularly suitable for the nature of your materials, resulting in high production capacity and higher screening efficiency.
5.Optimize the designed screen structure and reduce power consumption. Mute exciter, modular panel and rubber spring, lower operating noise.
6.Banana screen in the warranty period, only need to replace the deckboard, lubricate the vibration exciter, no maintenance,low maintenance cost.


banana screen 8

Banana screen No-Load test

banana screen no load test and quality inspection


banana screen 7

The banana screen is widely used in Mining ore, coal, limestone, clay, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, nickel ore

Vibration Exciter

Exciter is attached to some machinery and equipment to generate excitation force device, is the use of mechanical vibration of the important components. The shaker can make the excited object to obtain a certain form and size of vibration, so as to carry out vibration and strength test of the object, or to calibrate the vibration test instrument and sensor.

1.The Vibration Exciter adopts high-precision carburized and hardened helical gear transmission to ensure the bearing capacity and working stability and reliability
2.Imported oil seal is adopted to ensure no leakage of lubricating oil when working. Magnetic oil plug absorbs metal fine dust inside vibrator to purify lubricating oilIt has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, flexible adjustment and small maintenance.
3. Imported special bearings for vibration equipment to ensure the reliability of work under vibration load
4. The box of the shaker is completed by the CNC machining center at one time, and detected by the CMM

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