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Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor are the most economical way to transport bulk materials over both short and long distances. Belt conveyor utilize a belt to transport the material and are control fed in one or numerous feeding inlet.

The bulk material rides on top of the belt and is contained by the belt trough or side walls. Belt conveyor are ideal for conveying materials with large and varying particle size.

The complete belt conveyor consists of all types of Idlers/Roller, Idlers Frames, Pulleys, Conveyor Belts, Gear Boxes & Motors, Input & Output Coupling, Internal & External Scrappers, Skirt Boards, Deck Plates, Stringers, Short Support, conveyor cover, Safety Switches etc.

Belt conveyor are used in many industries including aggregate, cement, chemical, mining and wastewater treatment industries for conveying and elevating bulk materials.



1.The advantages of belt conveyor are that it uses a lower energy output to revolve the flexible belt, it requires a minimum of maintenance, has a low initial cost, and it delivers the ore at a constant flow.
2.The belt conveyor particularly solid frame and an accurate choice of the primary components commercially available ( belt, idlers and pulleys) guarantee a long working life, with low maintenance costs.
3.Belt conveyor can be customized according to customer requirements, thus enabling their easy introduction in any kind of plant.
4.Heavy idlers and antifriction bearings-increase idler life and reduce horsepower requirements
5.Heavy-duty structural frame and support-provide system rigid support to effectively ensure the stability and safety of belt conveyor operation.
6.Different types of a conveyor belts can be selected according to the different materials and use environmen.


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Belt Conveyor Applications:

video1The belt conveyor can be used in cement, coal, mineral, chemical, grain, contonction, metallurgy industry.
The belt conveyor can be used for cement clicker, coal, iron ore, chemical fertilizer , grain, sand, limestone, lignite, aggregate, woodchip, copper ore and so on.

Manufacturer ability

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Conveyor roller manufacturing and inspection


Conveyor pulley manufacturing



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