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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevator is a special equipment for vertical transporting bulk material. The bucket is fixed on a vertical belt or chain. During transportation, the bulk material is lifted up to the outlet and exported to the desired place by centrifuge or gravity.

The advantage of bucket elevator lies in its higher structural strength, durability and bearing capacity. Another advantage is light weight, small size and low cost. Therefore, most vertically transported materials will choose bucket elevators.

The bucket elevator is suitable not only for cement, chemical, metallurgical, mining and other heavy industries, but also for food, grain and other light industries.



1.Gravity+Spring take-up device is used in the tail section of the bucket elevator to realize automatic tensioning, avoid belt slipping or chain taking off.
2.The head shaft of bucket elevator can equipped with back stop, prevent material backflow when shut down in an emergency.
3.Tail casing is provided with a pair of high chrome bush bearings, fully enclosed within the casing, eliminating the possibility of dust leakage to the outside atmosphere.
4.Bucket elevator is sealed structure, which can be installed indoors or outdoorsare, as well as in dusty situations.
5.Bucket elevator can handle a wide variety of materials, from heavy rocks to light and fluffy free-flowing materials.
6.The bucket elevator adopts modular design, which enables the vulnerable parts to achieve full-life use, which greatly saves the cost of spare parts and reduces the downtime.
7.The discharge outlet is equipped with anti-return rubber baffle, which can effectively prevent the material from returning to the casing during unloading.

Product tips

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Belt type bucket elevator detail

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Bucket elevator of introduce


Processing ability


Bucket elevators can handle a wide variety of materials, so they are used in many different industries and applications, although in general, they are not suitable for wet, viscous materials, or sticky, caking materials. They are often found in bulk material processing settings such as power plants, fertilizer plants, pulp and paper mills, as well as steel production facilities.
Some of the most common materials used in bucket elevators include:

Aggregates,Animal Feeds,Calcined Coke,Coal,Fertilizer,Flyash,Frac Sand,Minerals,Potash,Lime,Woodchips


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