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Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag chain conveyor can be horizontal or inclined to transport bulk material, with simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance. The drag chain conveyor shell is fully closed, there will be no dust in the area flying, with environmental protection and avoid material pollution, and it is waterproof, so it can work normally in rainy and snowy days. At the same time,

drag chain conveyor can be arranged a plurality of feeding inlet and discharging outlet according to customer’s on-site needs, and length of the drag chain conveyor can be designed according to the customer.

The drag chain conveyor is composed of the driving device, the head and tail sprockets, the chain, the machine shell and the tail of the tightening device with screw.

The drag chain conveyor is widely used in cement, chemical, building materials, electric power, food and other industries.



1.The strength of the drag chain conveyor’s overall structure is high, durable in use and ensures no deformation.
2. The drag chain conveyor can be installed flexibly, such as elevated, ground, pit, level, climbing.
3.The drag chain conveyor’s low speed operation makes the materials are gently handled during transportation to minimize material damage.
4.Simple structure, flexible layout, there may be multiple feeding points, suitable for a variety of complex occasions.
5.The drag chain conveyor adopt wear resistant and low maintenance bearings, which can be continuous operation.
6.Minimal repair and maintenance, modular construction with proven components, improves operational reliability.

Drag chain conveyor detail

drag chain conveyor 8


drag chain conveyor 7

Drag chain conveyor no load test:

drag chain conveyordrag chain conveyor can be used to transport bulk materials, such as grain, bottom ash, sludge, sand, aggregate, fertilizer, soda powder and other materials


drag chain conveyor 9


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