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Sidewall Belt Conveyor

Sidewall Belt Conveyor

The sidewall belt conveyor is suitable for horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation of bulk material. Sidewall belt conveyor can be transitioned from a horizontal layout to an inclined or vertical layout, and back to horizontal layout, no additional conveying equipments are required.

Special rubber belt, with transverse corrugated sidewall, personal pocket design and design-oriented transverse profile edge area, can be used to transport almost all types of bulk material.

In the vertical part of the sidewall belt conveyor, the corrugated sidewall belt is suspended freely and does not need any supporting rollers and mechanical fixtures.

If necessary, the sidewall belt conveyor can be partially or completely covered with mutual protection, that is, dustproof and rain protection.


Working principle

The horizontal loading part of the sidewall belt conveyor guides the deflector to bend the belt into the bulk material on a basic horizontal feed path, in which the sidewall belt is supported by loading impact rollers. Feeding can be achieved directly from hopper, chute, feed belt or feed pulley. The sidewall belt conveyor vertical part exceeds a deflection curve and enters the horizontal discharge part. The deflection curve consists of a number of high-specification pulleys. These pulleys bear the vector load that turns the belt tension from vertical to horizontal. At the drive pulley, the bulk material is unloaded and the belt returns to the chain. According to the nature of the bulk material, behind the drive pulley is a pulley cleaning on the return side.


1. Sidewall belt conveyor bulk materials, can greatly save equipment floor area, completely solve the problem of ordinary, pattern belt conveyor can not reach the conveying Angle.
2, sidewall belt conveyor conveying materials, the overall investment cost is low, about 20% Murray 30% of the investment cost savings.
3, Compared with the scraper conveyor and bucket lifting machine, sidewall belt conveyor has the characteristics to prevent floating chain, broken chain from slipping and dropping the bucket
4, large throughput, higher lifting height, single vertical lifting height up to 100m.


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Sidewall Belt Conveyor Applications In Various Industry

sidewall belt conveyorThe sidewall belt conveyor is widely used for Sand, Potash, Fertilizers,Aggregates,Copper ore,Fly ash,Limestone,Sulfur,Wood Chips,Petroleum Coke,Sugar,Mineral,Gypsum,Coal,Clinker,Iron ore,Salt,Other Bulk Solids

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